RT Motion MK3.1 Wireless LCS

Daily Price£100.00
Weekly Price£455.00


An ultra powerful wireless LCS, with a range of 1.5KM (line-of-sight).
The 3 motor axis receiver is currently the smallest available, keeping your shooting rig compact and light.
Our current kit starts with 1 motor only at £100.00 per day.
Other options are:

  • 1 motor with Red RT Sidekick module. – £138.00 per day.
  • 2 motors (focus & iris). – £125.00 per day.
  • 2 motors (focus & iris) with Red RT Sidekick module. – £163.50 per day.

The kit includes a wired option just in case you film in areas that do not allow RF signals, such as hospitals.

The motor and receiver are both powered via d-tap by v-lock or Anton/Bauer batteries. D-Tap included.

The LCS controller takes Canon LPE6 batteries. Each battery lasts at least a day depending on usage.
We supply 4 batteries & charger with the kit.

Please request a run/stop cable if you require one.
We only include one when hired with our shooting kits.

Current run/stop cables available:

  • Red Helium / Dragon / Epic / Scarlet Lemo version
  • Red Helium / Dragon/ Epic / Scarlet BNC version
  • Sony F55 / F5 Hirose


Ordering of RT Motion with 1x motor:

  • MK3.1 Controller
  • MK3.1 Receiver
  • 1 x MK3.1 Motor, comes with: 19mm rod bracket, 15mm bushing, right-angle cable, 0.8mod gear.
  • Receiver rail clamp (15/19mm rods)
  • Receiver hot shoe mount
  • 3 x white focus discs
  • 4 x Canon batteries
  • 1 x Canon charger
  • D-Tap power cable
  • Wired cable (78in)
  • Red Helium / Epic / Scarlet run/stop cable (when supplied with our shooting kits)
  • Peli Storm case with custom foam


The MK3.1 has a very powerful wireless transmitter. When very close, it will overload the receiver.

If working in close-quarters, we suggest using the wired cable or switching the receiver to the other side of the camera to create more distance between the transmitter and receiver.

For more information please read page 36 in the RT Motion Manual.

  • When using the F55 cable please select the Alexa camera setting in the controller menu.
All prices exclude VAT at 20%