V-lock 160wh batteries x 4

Daily Price£26.00
Weekly Price£118.30


A set of 4 Global Media Pro Batteries at 160wh.
Each battery will approximately last between 2 1/2 – 3hrs when attached to a Red Scarlet depending on what accessories you have on at the time.

Comes with a d-tap port with a max 70w output.
The chargers have no fan so create no noise whilst on set.

These batteries are fully compatible with Red cameras and will display % or time remaining.
This set of batteries can also be rented out to be used with any of the lighting equipment that accepts v-lock.


  • 4 x 160wh v-lock batteries
  • 2 x mini chargers, recharged through the D-tap port
  • (approximate recharge time of 400 minutes


All prices exclude VAT at 20%