We are a small independent company which offers a reliable, affordable equipment rental service. We are all industry professionals with an extensive knowledge of the equipment. Our production company goes the extra mile in providing a custom service for each client, helping you to find the best match to your needs for any project. Our equipment is regularly serviced to make sure it’s in good condition before we rent it out. We also set it up to fit your needs for each individual order.

Our website is designed to be simple and user-friendly. You will also find helpful tips about the equipment based on our own experiences of using it. The idea is to help you understand how a piece of kit can achieve a certain look or provide a solution to your filming needs.

It is important to us to do our bit for the environment, which is why we are constantly investing in energy saving equipment. As our experts can explain to you in greater detail, this not only saves time and money on set, but also saves our carbon footprint- winners all round!

We are passionate about researching new products in both independent and global markets, meaning that we are often able to bring you innovative and cutting edge technologies before even the big hire houses. We don’t buy without testing, the kit has to be well thought out, well constructed and bug free before we buy.

Ultimately, the service is all about you, the client. We aim to provide you with an excellent service, and in return we hope that the kit will be looked after, so it can continue to be used by all our clients. Further incentive for long standing, positive client relationships is that we can then provide you with discounts on all your rentals. Again, win win.