Red Epic-W Helium PL Shooting Kit

Daily Price£550.00
Weekly Price£2502.50


The Red Epic-W Helium is a whole new sensor. Eclipsing 35mm film in both latitude and image density.
Shooting 8K not only reduces moire & aliasing artefacts but producers a cleaner image. The 8K Helium sensor captures a dynamic range of 16.5+ stops of latitude.

As this is a new sensor it also means new colour science. Improved gamma, accuracy of colour and most importantly better skin tones. The Helium sensor also comes with a new body using IPP2 Workflow making editing and grading a much easier process.

Not only RAW!!
You can now shoot just in ProRes formats or DNxHD. You can shoot in ProRes only or shoot it along side with RAW.

It’s main shooting resolution is 8K. 1 to 30fps

4K at a max fps of 150fps
2K at a max fps of 300fps

Shooting at 2000ISO will produce cleaner images when compared to the Dragon sensor at 800ISO.

This shooting kit has everything you need to get the camera department started.
When this kit is fully loaded it weights in at:

  • With Schneider Xenon primes – 25.1lbs / 11kg.
  • With Leica R primes – TBClbs / TBCkg.
  • With Arri Alura 18-80mm zoom – 33lbs / 14.5kg.

Price starts at £550pd, let us know if you would prefer to swap the Schneider Xenon Prime Set for the Leica Rs or Arri Alura Zoom when enquiring for a quote. You can use our LIVE QUOTE page to do this too.


Red Epic-M Dragon body

  • PL mount
  • Side SSD module
  • 5″ touch LCD (long and short cable)
    • Monitor arm for nato safety rail
  • Cheese Cine top handle with LW rod clamp
  • Cheese right hand side plate
  • Nato safety rail on operator side, to mount 5″ monitor
  • 19mm dovetail bridge plate (rods included)
  • LW 15mm rod riser (rods included)
  • Rear v-mount battery plate
  • 4 x 160wh Global Media v-lock batteries
  • 2 x 480gb & 2 x 240gb SSD cards with protective case
  • Red min Station with USB C & USB 3.0 cables
  • Audio A-box
  • Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA Mattebox (will come with donut to match your choice of lens)
  • Arri MFF-2 Cine Standard Follow Focus, 15mm LW.
  • Miller 55 Head with 100m bowl and carbon fibre legs

Schneider Xenon FF Prime Set – £550pd


Leica R FF Prime Set – £600pd


Arri Alura 18-80mm cine zoom T2.6 – £650pd



All prices exclude VAT at 20%