Rhino Slider Evo Pro 42″

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Daily Price£100.00
Weekly Price£455.00


A 42″ (1 metre) slider. This is the stainless steel version that is heavy-duty yet still compact and versatile.
It can take a weight load of 50lbs (22kg).

We at 09 Rentals love this Evo Pro for many reasons; the sturdy rails and the smooth carriage is one, but when combined with the included flywheel it makes every slider move you do a total breeze. No longer will you get camera judder or slowdowns in your slider speed as you try to get that perfect shot. The flywheel helps to carry the carriage with your camera on top from one end to other and makes your end mark easy to hit with a nice feathered stop.

Additionally, take off the flywheel and add the Rhino motion enabling live control, motion control or time-lapse.

As well as including the Rhino Flywheel we also include the Manfrotto 516 head.
Why this head?
This flat-based head is the perfect head for heavy loads, with a load capacity of 29lbs (13kg). This will take our fully rigged Red Epic camera with PL primes.

We provide 2 x monopods for mounting either side of your tripod. This will help stability and bowl slipping.

We recommend 3 options for mounting this slider when using it with a tripod:

  • If placing your tripod centrally in the slider then please use the monopods provided for stability either side of the slider.
  • Lighting stands can also be used at either end once you have placed the slider on your tripod. The mounting plates have options for both 1/4 and 3/8 studs as well as c-stand mounting.
  • For heavier loads we recommend the use of two tripods at each end of the slider which would then be weighted at the bottom with sandbags.
  • If you wish to attach this to a mitchell mount we have an attachment for this as well.

This slider does not come with a tripod. We recommend a 100mm bowl tripod that will support both your shooting rig and sliders weight.

A 100mm bowl riser for a tripod head can be supplied if you wish to use a separate head or one of your own.
(When hired with the Miller 55 tripod we will provide a shorter locking nut.)


  • Rhino 1 metre Evo Pro slider (42″)
  • Rhino Flywheel
  • 1 x carriages with  3/8 stud
  • Manfrotto 516 head
  • A 8″ dovetail will be provided on top of the tripod head if being sent out with one of our Red Cameras
  • 100mm half bowl adapter to mount plate onto your tripod
  • 2 x Benro C48F carbon fibre monopods (supports 20kg each)
  • Soft case


There are three ways to set up your Rhino Slider, we call these Manual, Flywheel and Motion.


  • This is the complete manual setup when you don’t plan on using Flywheel or Motion. If you use Rhino Slider EVO without Flywheel or Motion, first remove the belt for a smoother slide.


  • To attach Flywheel, first remove the o-ring on the drive shaft (used for Rhino Motion). You can then place Flywheel on the driveshaft and tighten it down with Flywheel’s set-screw to lock Flywheel in place.


  • Use Motion for responsive and precise control of your slider (refer to Motion Quick Start Guide for detailed explanation).

Slider Setup:

  • You can either use the built-in all-terrain legs or mount it to one tripod (using the slider’s centre plate) or two tripods (by mounting the slider using the mounting threads on both endplates.

Mount your camera:

  • Mount a flat based 3/8-16″ ball or fluid head to the slider’s carriage and mount your camera on the head.

Prepare for shooting:

  • Unlock the carriage brake and you’re ready to start filming.
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