Rhino Motion

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Daily Price£25.00
Weekly Price£113.75


If you want live control, time-lapse or repeated motion control moves then this simple to use attachment for both our Rhino Evo sliders is perfect.

The Motion allows these two rails (Carbon or Pro) to be used in a whole new creative way. Not just for time lapses but for motion effects and also for 2nd cam interview setups.
Who knows what future firmware updates will come from this, we personally hope for a stop-frame animation setting.

The Rhino Motion motor is compact and quiet, it is great for slow back and forth tracking shots for B-cam interview setups.
It has a built in 7 hour battery.*

The software makes your slider moves very easy to create, all by a turn and click of a wheel, similar to the early generations of the iPod Classic.

Rhino Motion can move 25 lbs (11kg) horizontally and 5 lbs (2.2kg) at 45 degrees.

*Approximately 7 hours depending on usage, angle and speed of moves.


  • Rhino Motion
  • Motor to controller cable
  • Mains power connection
  • Canon Pro control cable
  • Soft neoprene pouch


First time setup

Attaching Motion:

  1. Back out the accessory studs on the endplate with the driveshaft.
  2. Place the motor on the driveshaft and press down to compress the o-ring (if the motor doesn’t drop in place, move the carriage slightly to align the shaft).
  3. Tighten the accessory studs to lock the motor in place.

Plug in motor:

  • Make sure the cable pins align with the plugin, then plug in the connector cable. If your cable included a cable retainer, fasten the retention screw for added security (if your setup did not include a retainer, contact support@rhinocg.com to receive one).

Prepare for shooting:

  • Unlock the carriage brake and you’re ready to start filming. Note: Rhino Motion will not work if the brake is locked in place.
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