TruColor XS

Daily Price£125.00
Weekly Price£568.75


The TruColor XS™ harnesses the time-proven TruColor HS™ remote phosphor light engine in a double-hung configuration. The TruColor XS delivers an unprecedented volume of broad, soft light optimized for television and motion pictures. The TruColor XS exceeds the output of a traditional 5K incandescent Brute, while using less than 1000 watts of AC power, avoiding the added cost of generators, fuel, and heavy cables.


  • 2 x TruColor HS lamp heads
  • 2 x TruColor HS Ballasts
  • Double yoke
  • 2 x Header cables
  • 2 x 13amp ballast cables
  • 1 x pass-through power cable
  • Large 10kg sandbag (when taken out with a stand)


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