Zacuto / RedRock Handheld Rig

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Zacuto Handheld Kit
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A handheld rig for the DSLRS or Black Magic sized cameras.

The rig comes with a quick release plate and a quick release shoulder pad. This makes switching to and from tripod very easy.

This handheld rig as standard places the camera directly over the shoulder helping to keep the centre of gravity more central whilst keeping the rig light due to no added counterbalance weights.

If you wish for another type of handheld setup with the common counter balance weights then don’t hesitate to ask as all these parts are available.


- Zacuto 15mm LW minibase plate with quick release on top.
- 2 x 15mm carbon fibre rods
- Redrock 15mm handle bar
- 2 x soft rubber handles
- Q-release shoulder pad

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