Wooden Camera Handheld Rig

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Wooden Camera Handheld kit
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Modular shoulder rig based on ARRI standard dovetail and rosettes. Threaded holes on Shoulder Pad, Crossbar, and Handles for attaching accessories like monitors, rod clamps, cheeseplates, battery mounts, and more. Rosette Arms put the Handles out in front of your body for easy manoeuvring. This rig is a very configurable handheld system due to its dovetail system and whether you want to add the rosetta extension arms or not.

An additional A-lock has been added to the back of the rig to attach a v-lock battery to help with counterbalance.

- Safety Dovetail (12")
- Shoulder Pad
- Crossbar
- 2 x Rosette Handle (Brown Leather)
- 2 x Rosette Extension Arms
- A-lock

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