TruColor HS

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The TruColor lamp is a huge improvement in the LED category. A lamp that can really be used along side tungsten and HMIs sources.

Separating the phosphor away from the diode makes high colour accuracy possible at many different colour temperatures.
The CRI of this lamp is rated at 98 for tungsten and 95 at 5600k daylight.
Alongside the great colour rendition is the super soft quality of light, with the phosphor panels being the source it produces a 160° beam angle at an exposure of T5.6 from 10ft away*.

– Dimmerable from 20% to 100%.
– Flicker free at any frame rate.
– Only draws 450w but equalled to a 2ooow soft box.

Optional accessories:
– Barndoors
– Softbox
– Eggcrate snapgrid

*(800 iso, 24fps)


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