Trost Motion 2-axis Slider

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2-Axis Slider!

Trost slider can support a fully kitted Arri Alexa or RED Epic – up to 560lbs / 254kg – with zero observable deflection of the rail. In fact, the heavier the camera rig, the smoother a Trost will roll. Motion is so precise that even macro and long lens shots are comfortable and repeatable.

Trost sliders can be quickly and easily configured for many types of shooting applications. A unique rotating quick-release system allows operators to quickly adjust the angle of motion. A wide variety of mounting options, including 3/8, 1/4, and C-stands makes Trost compatible with most common tripod styles. 

Add the second 50 trost slider for 2-axis control.

We provide 2 x monopods for mounting either side of your tripod. This will help stability and bowl slipping.

We recommend 3 options for mounting this slider when using it with a tripod:

  • If placing your tripod centrally in the slider then please use the monopods provided for stability either side of the slider.
  • Lighting stands can also be used at either end once you have placed the slider on your tripod. The mounting plates have options for both 1/4 and 3/8 studs as well as c-stand mounting.
  • For heavier loads we recommend the use of two tripods at each end of the slider which would then be weighted at the bottom with sandbags.

This slider does not come with a tripod. We recommend a 100mm bowl tripod that will support both your shooting rig and sliders weight.

If you would like to hire just the 1 axis, either the 100cm or 50cm slider then please contact us to arrange this.



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