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Scorpion Lighting Kit | 09 Rentals

Scorpion Lighting Kit

Daily Price£30.00
Weekly Price£136.50
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The Scorpion Light is perfect for flexible handheld, location, documentary and studio camera work. Providing a lightweight kick, detail, eye-light and is also ideal for steadicam, dolly and crane shots where a lightweight fill is required without compromising the quality of the ambient light source.

The kit contains 2 daylight and 2 tungsten lights.
Each set has 1 spot and 1 flood lamp.

  • At 6ft the spot Scorpion light will produce an approximate exposure of T5.6 at 800ISO at 24fps.
  • At 6ft the flood Scorpion light will produce an approximate exposure of T4.0 at 800ISO at 24fps.
  • 2 x daylight Scorpion heads. (1 spot, 1 flood)
  • 2 x tungsten Scorpion heads. (1 spot, 1 flood)
  • 4 x super clamps
  • 4 x D-tap power cable
  • 4 x multi-regional mains power
  • 4 x 1/4 inch connectors
  • Hard case


Scorpion Photometrics

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