RT Motion MK3.1 Wireless LCS


An ultra powerful wireless LCS, with a range of 1.5KM (line-of-sight).
The 3 motor axis receiver is currently the smallest available, keeping your shooting rig compact and light.
Our current kit is 1 motor only.

The kit includes a wired option just in case you film in areas that do not allow RF signals, such as hospitals.

The motor and receiver are both powered via d-tap by v-lock or Anton/Bauer batteries. D-Tap included.

The LCS controller takes Canon LPE6 batteries. Each battery lasts at least a day depending on usage.
We supply 4 batteries & charger with the kit.

Please request a run/stop cable if you require one.
We only include one when hired with our shooting kits.

Current run/stop cables available:

  • Red Dragon / Epic / Scarlet Lemo version
  • Red Dragon/ EPic / Scarlet BNC version
  • Sony F55 / F5 Hirose


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