Miller 55 CF Tripod

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Miller 55
Miller 55-02

The Miller 55 Tripod is a heavy duty carbon fibre leg tripod with a 100mm bowl. It comes with Millers 55 head and mid-level spreader.
The head can take a maximum load of 55lbs (25kg), the tripod is perfect for our fully rigged Red Scarlet PL Shooting kit (33lbs).

This head can also be used on all our sliders and Induro Hi-hat. Just ask for the smaller clamp nut.

  • Rugged Heavy Duty 2-stage carbon tripod
  • Adjustable mid-level spreader
  • Patented Split carry handles
  • Arrow 55 7-Position selectable Pan and Tilt head
  • 4-position rear-mount Counterbalance
  • Illuminated rear controls

- Maximum Height: 1752 mm (69 in)
- Minimum Height: 642 mm (25.3 in)
- Payload Range:  22-55 lbs (10-25 kg)
- Tripod & Head Weight: 28.5 lbs (12.95 kg)

- Miller 55 bowl head (100mm)
- Long clamp nut
- Short clamp nut for sliders and hi-hats (upon request)
- Heavy duty, 2 stage carbon fibre legs
- Mid-level spreaders
- Telescopic pan and tilt handle
- Carry case with wheels

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