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GlideTrack Hybrid Slider | 09 Rentals

GlideTrack Hybrid Slider

Daily Price£15.00
Weekly Price£68.25
GlideTrack Hybrid-01
GlideTrack Hybrid-02GlideTrack Hybrid-03GlideTrack Hybrid75/100mm hi-hat riser

The GlideTrack Hybrid slider is a great lightweight slider that is easy to setup. All you need to do is attach the feet and your ready to go.
The optional height adjustable rubber ball toes can give you that little extra height when on the floor or tabletop.

The GlideTrack can also be mounted onto a half-ball 100mm head on a tripod. This can be centre mounted on the slider for light camera rigs.
Additionally for heavier loads and for best performance we suggest to mount it on 2 small light stands or 1 tripod and light stand.

1 metre length slider.
Comes with a 75/100mm bowl hi-hat riser to mount your tripod head to the slider. Please specify which tripod you are mounting to the slider.
Choice of a 75mm or 100mm half bowl flat head to mount GlideTrack to your tripod.

In our opinion this is a great slider for DSLR and Black Magic sized cameras. We do not recommend it for heavier payloads than these cameras.

- 1 metre length slider
- HD Hybrid carraige
- 2 x feet
- 4 x dumb-bells to adjust for table top levelling
- 8 x rubber balls to attach to dumbbells.
- 75/100mm bowl hi-hat riser (we have Manfrotto or Miller bowl clamp nuts, please specify when ordering)
- 75mm or 100mm half bowl flat head to mount GlideTrack to a tripod.

- soft case to carry all the items

All prices exclude VAT at 20%