Canon L Series Lens Kit


This lens kit is a good companion for the Red Scarlet EF shooting kit when shooting on a strict budget.
The zooms will add speed to your set covering a total focal length starting at 24mm to 200mm.
The 14mm wide will capture your wide exterior vistas and the fast F1.2 50mm will help you capture those scenes shot under minimal and low light conditions.

All the lenses are Zacuto zip geared with hard stops.

Lens specs:
– 24-70mm F2.8; closest focus at 1.2 feet, 77mm filter diameter, 2.1lbs.
– 70-200mm IS II F2.8; closest focus at 3.9 feet, 77mm filter diameter, 3.2lbs.
– 14mm F2.8; closest focus at 6.5inches, 1.4lbs.
– 50mm F1.2; closest focus at 1.4 feet, 72mm filter diameter, 1.2lbs.


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