2×2 Spot Litepanel

Daily Price£110.00
Weekly Price£500.50
2x2 Litepanel
2x2 Litepanel-022x2 Litepanel-032x2 Litepanel-04

A set of 4 Litepanels are put together to make one large lamp fixture, the 2×2.
Drawing only 160w this unit can come very useful for night time exteriors or in locations sensitive to heat or with lack of power.

When put together the 2×2 unit will dim all units as one.


- 4 x daylight spot 1x1 Litepanels
- 2x2 yoke
- 2x2 support bracket
- 2x2 dimmer and power adapter
- mains cable
- Case for the 4 daylight 1x1 Litepanels

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