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Item Quantity Cost
(per day & item)
Shooting Kits
Red Epic-M Dragon PL Kit£600.00£0
Red Scarlet Dragon PL Kit£450.00£0
Red Scarlet Dragon EF Kit£280.00£0
BlackMagic Pocket EF Kit£100.00£0
Canon 7D Kit£80.00£0
Red Epic-M Dragon PL£350.00£0
Red Scarlet Dragon PL£255.00£0
Red Scarlet Dragon EF£230.00£0
BlackMagic Pocket Camera£30.00£0
Canon 7D DSLR£35.00£0
Camera Accessories
Bright Tangerine Stummer DNA Mattebox£45.00£0
Bright Tangerine Misfit Mattebox£30.00£0
RT Motion MK3 Wireless LCS£100.00£0
Arri MFF-2 Cine Standard Follow Focus£25.00£0
Zacuto Follow Focus£12.00£0
Wooden Camera shoulder rig with Aaton hand grips£40.00£0
Zacuto / Redrock shoulder rig£20.00£0
Arri Alura 18-80mm zoom T2.6 PL Zoom£250.00£0
Schneider Xenon FF-Prime PL Lenses£150.00£0
Canon L Series Kit£105.00£0
Canon L 14mm F2.8£28.00£0
Canon L 50mm F1.2£28.00£0
Canon L 24-70mm F2.8£35.00£0
Canon L 70-200mm F2.8£38.00£0
SpeedBooster BMPCC Canon EF£25.00£0
SpeedBooster BMPCC Nikon£20.00£0
Formatt circular polariser£15.00£0
Formatt ND Set (.3 to 1.2)£15.00£0
Tiffen Gold Diffusion FX£15.00£0
Tascam / Sennheiser Sound Kit£30.00£0
Sennheiser ME66 / K6 Shotgun Microphone + suspension & blimp£22.00£0
Tascam Dr-100 Sound Recorder£15.00£0
Rode VideoMic Pro£7.00£0
0.5M XLR Cable£1.50£0
3m XLR Cable£1.50£0
15m XLR Cable£2.00£0
Sony Noise Cancelling (over-ear) Headphones£5.00£0
Item Quantity Cost
(per day & item)
DJI Ronin£130.00£0
Easyrig 3.0 + Serene Arm£115.00£0
Miller 55 Head (100mm) with Carbon Fibre legs£40.00£0
Manfrotto 509 HD tripod£30.00£0
Trost Motion 2-Axis Slider£100.00£0
GlideTrack HD Hybrid 1M Slider£15.00£0
Induro Hi-hat£15.00£0
Benro Carbon Fibre Monopod£9.00£0
75/100mm Hi-Hat Bowl Riser£5.00£0
Foldit Location Trolley£15.00£0
TruColour XS Double Head£125.00£0
TruColour HS£50.00£0
LitePanel 2x2 modular unit£110.00£0
LitePanel 1x1 daylight spot£35.00£0
TruColour Snap Grid£5.00£0
TruColour 3x3 Snap Softbox£15.00£0
Rosco LitePads HO Daylight Kit£30.00£0
Scorpion Lighting Kit£30.00£0
Sola ENG Kit (including 1 v-lock)£20.00£0
Lighting Grip
Kupo Pub Stand£2.00£0
Senior Universal Lazy Leg Stand£3.00£0
Kupo Double Wind Up Stand£8.00£0
Sandbags - Medium£1.00£0
Sandbags - Large£1.25£0
SmallHD AC7 SDI£25.00£0
SmallHD DP4£20.00£0
24" Director's Monitor (HDMI). Includes stand£12.50£0
Paralinx Arrow 2:1 Kit£38.00£0
Paralinx Arrow 1:1 Kit£28.00£0
Global MP V-Lock 3x160wh £19.50£0
Global MP V-Lock 4x160wh £26.00£0
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